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You need to figure out how the sick people in Missouri and Wyoming became ill with the outbreak anxiety of Salmonella. Your colleagues in Missouri and Wyoming are able to conference the additional 18 sick people, after that you learn that 16 of the 18 people recently had contact along with chickens. In fact, 11 of the 16 said they have chickens all the rage their backyards, and they tell you they recently bought these chickens as of several different feed stores. Feed stores are places where people can accept some types of animals, animal give food to, and farm supplies. The next affair you try to find out is where the people in California, Missouri, and Wyoming got their chickens. You learn that all of the give food to stores identified in the traceback analysis got their chickens as baby chicks from the same mail-order hatchery all the rage Kansas, as did the community estate in California. A mail-order hatchery is a company that hatches and sells baby chicks, ducklings, and other babe poultry to consumers and feed stores. It turns out that the mail-order hatchery supplies chicks to customers all the rage Wyoming, California, and Missouri. The epidemic strain of Salmonella likely started by the mail-order hatchery and infected the chicks, which were then shipped en route for feed stores.

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