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Home » All About Coffee Beans Funny Coffee Quotes Coffee is a driving force in peoples lives - everyone loves the magical black brew or loves someone who is hopelessly addicted. It's not all serious though, as anyone who has tried to engage with a coffee lover pre-caffeine in the morning can attest to the lack of basic mental function, which can lead to some funny stories. Sometimes reaching out with a humourous quote can ease tensions they didn't really want to kill you and give you something to bond over - it's okay, I know the demons need to be tamed by your morning coffee. General I never laugh until I've had my coffee. You're a slob, but you make good coffee.

But you love coffee, you probably be aware any joke or tongue-in-cheek declaration a propos the caffeinated delight. Take a air while you sip a mug, after that tickle your tongue with flavor although we tickle your funny bone along with humor! Save 1. Dear Santa… Certainly. The time when we look ago at our lives with appreciation, thanking our closest persons and wishing all the best. So, dear Santa, attend to us! Even Santa has favorites. Did you think those stars shine arrange their own?

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