Lauren Boebert wore a “Let’s go Brandon” dress to meet Donald Trump & thinks it’s hilarious

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The video went viral in October following numerous reports of people chanting fuck Joe Biden at sports events began surfacing around September in protest of President Biden and often to show support for Trump. In early October people started using the phrase in place of fuck Joe Biden to criticize and joke about the President. Origin Around September a trend began spreading where people chant fuck Joe Biden at sporting events, mostly college football games, in protest of the President. A number of these stories were reported between September and October, including Tone Deaf [2] reporting the chant at a Staind concert, lead by the band's singer, and Newsweek [3] reporting on the chant's spread across various colleges. It appears to have been popularized by TikTok. The chant appears to have sparked after Joe Biden pulled the military out of Afghanistan. On September 11th, Donald Trump hosted a pay-per-view boxing event where the crowd chanted we want Trump then fuck Joe Biden shown below, left. The chant is supported and spread by Donald Trump Jr. Brown spoke about the win with NBC after the race.

Florida Rep. Bill Posey ended a address on the House floor late after everything else month with the phrase. South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan wore a camouflage on the House floor emblazoned along with it as well. Texas Sen. Bear Cruz has said it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen. So, how the heck did we get here?