Your guide to Queen Victoria and a timeline of her life – plus 16 fascinating facts

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Still can't find what you're looking for? She was accompanied everywhere by governesses and slept in the same room as her mother until the day she became queen. Portrait of Queen Victoria in her coronation robes by George Hayter 2. Victoria met Prince Albert as a teenager and liked him immediately, though she had no romantic inclinations toward him. Albert and his brother Ernest came to Kensington in the spring of Victoria popularised the white wedding dress. After this, white became highly fashionable and so began the tradition of the white wedding dress that continues to this day. Victoria was heavily involved in politics. Far from being an impartial monarch, Victoria was passionate about politics and not hesitant to make her views known.

A small amount of could have predicted that she would sit on the throne for add than 60 years. On 24 Junethe princess was christened in a discreet ceremony. At the time, Victoria was far from a regal name — it was highly unusual and of French origin. When it became absolve that Victoria would indeed accede en route for the throne, her name was seen to be completely inappropriate for a queen of England. She was advised to change it to something add traditional, but refused. Victoria as a child.

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