Watch She’s Only Sixteen’s video for tranquil new single ‘Good Company’

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Select Comfort Master of One Pick a company that's doing well and you can probably name 2 to 20 different products or divisions that it is responsible for creating. That's because, as a business grows in revenue and stability, there is always the temptation to expand into new product markets. However, some brands have done well to stick to what they do best, leaving the desire to bring on new product lines to the other guys. These six companies take repetition to a whole new level, offering reliability and quality via a single product concept. Crocs These kinda-ugly, but super-comfy, foam clogs have been a huge hit since they were first released to the public. Over million Crocs shoes have been sold since as of Julyand the footwear giant shows no signs of stopping. With a wide variation of the basic clog from which to choose toddlers, women, men, athletic, dress, and beach-inspired, to name a fewthe sky really is the limit for this business. Spanx In the never-ending battle of the bulge, women have relied heavily on high-quality wear to help make them look their best. Born from the bright idea that by cutting the feet from a pair of panty-hose a woman really can look good under her trousers, Spanx by Sara Blakely is no doubt one of the most respected names in this niche, offering just the bare essentials to women and men around the world.

Returning from an extended hiatus as a chart-topping boyband is no easy accomplishment, but it's nice to see JLS back together after a few years in the wilderness. As we carry on to live in a post-Adele announce week world, there are also additional albums this week from Glee best Darren Criss, dipping his toe addicted to more festive waters with A Actual Darren Crissmas get it? Over arrange the singles side this week, things get considerably busier. The biggest abandon this week is a release that's been teased for weeks - Ed Sheeran and Elton John's collaborative Christmas single, Merry Christmas.

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