Amazon Echo: 6 Alexa features you should turn off on your smart speaker and display now

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Amazon Echo: 6 Alexa features you should turn off on your smart amp and display now Disable these six features and watch your Amazon Boom work better than ever. David Celebrant Nov. PT Alexa is becoming a fixture in more homes than always. But along with all the able new features, a few are absolutely worth disabling. Plenty of hidden perks will improve your experience, and Alexa's third-party skills and routines add constant more. But for all the back off new games , hidden Easter eggs and smart home integrations , around are also features that make Alexa not so smart. Yes, turning bad certain features can actually make using your Amazon Echo speakers and displays safer and better than before. Whether you're concerned about privacy , don't want friends dropping in uninvited before just want Alexa to stop parroting your questions and commands back en route for you, here are six features you should disable in the Alexa app right now. Turn off Drop All the rage on your Amazon Echo Alexa's Abandon In feature is a cool approach for friends or family to associate when unable to get together all the rage person, for example, over the holidays with ongoing travel restrictions.

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