She Was No Angel: 8 Mae West Quotes That Will Get Your Blood Flowing

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A bad girl that has never been caught. I'm a good girl! A vigrin that is a freak arrange the inside and hasnt been accede to loose. Have you done this before? No, I'm a good girl. A girl who'd rather do what you want than what her parents educated her. Good girls are best after they're bad girls.

The Broadway-turned-Hollywood bombshell was brash, brassy, after that had an appetite for trouble. All the rage short, she was no angel, after that proud of it. What more, her sharp wit and quick tongue apt made her the center of a few dinner party. And when it came to sex and men, she all the time had the perfect thing to about. Perhaps her most quoted is the one she initially never said by all—at least not in these accurate words:. Even at just 5 feet tall, West was a towering amount, pushing boundaries with every medium she touched. Yes, even well into her 80s, West was uttering lines like:.