Jonathan Goldstein: I got through Daddy Boot Camp so fatherhood should be a snap

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The situation only worsened for the mayor from there on. As further allegations of rampant corruption in the suburb city of Laval emerged, Mayor Gilles Vaillancourt was one of the first leaders to be implicated, with police forces raiding his homes, office and safety deposit boxes. They discovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, all allegedly received as kickbacks from fixed construction contracts. Under heavy fire, Vaillancourt decided to take a sick leave, perhaps awaiting the right moment to declare his own resignation. That was a familiar refrain. The allegations stuck to Tremblay, despite his insistence that he knew nothing.

Daniel J. DanielJRowe42 Contact. It was lifted earlier Saturday when the bodies were found. The girls had gone absent along with their father Martin Carpentier, 44, after a crash on Artery The search continues for the member of the clergy.