I'm in a relationship but I'm interested in seeing other people

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Chastity is the strength that helps us use our sexuality according to God's plan. The New Corinthians Curriculum As a psychologist specializing in character development, I am often asked to speak to young people about sex. I usually begin by saying: All of you belong to one of four groups: 1 You have never had sexual intercourse, and you do not intend to do so until you get married; 2 You haven't had a sexual relationship, but you're not sure what you think about sex before marriage; 3 You've had a premarital sexual relationship, and you don't see anything wrong with it; 4 You've had a premarital sexual relationship, but you now consider it a mistake—or you're not sure what you want to do in the future. Whichever group you belong to, I'd like to offer you a way of thinking about sex—a way I believe will help you make good sexual decisions, ones that will help you build a good character and lead a good and happy life. Isn't Everybody Doing It?

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