Holes Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 Stanley is digging a hole the next morning while it's still dark. After breakfast that morning, the boys had each filled their canteens and fetched a shovel from a shed near the showers. Then each group of boys was sent to dig in a different area. The camp is full of holes that have been dug in the past: just picture it! Kind of creepy, right? If the boys find anything interesting or unusual while digging, they're supposed to tell Mr.

She looked even taller than she was, since Stanley was down in his hole. She wore a black questionable hat and black cowboy boots which were studded with turquoise stones. The sleeves on her shirt were rolled up, and her arms were enclosed with freckles, as was her accept. The narrator introduces and physically describes the Warden as she arrives by the holes after X-Ray claims he found the lipstick container. The Curator has a striking appearance with audacious features and showy clothing, details so as to add to her power and ability. Readers may note that the Curator never toils in the holes herself, she merely shows up when she believes something of value has been found. These conspicuous features immediately define the Warden as a powerful, cherished character. Rattlesnake venom. She ran her sharp wet nails very gently along his cheek.

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Nil said nothing. Zero responds wordlessly as a result of measuring his hole, showing his arrogance in besting the standards with accurate work. His ability to dig a perfect hole in the shortest age presents Zero as a quiet although strategic character. Zero stared at him. His eyes seemed to expand, after that it was almost as if Nil were looking right through him. This interchange between Zero and Stanley provides several clues about Zero as a character. He even hints at a connection with the stolen sneakers.

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