30 Best R&B Love Songs That Will Make Your Heart Melt

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Charlie even revives the old Guy jam, Let's Chill. He has collabos with Snoop Dog and Twista. He also has a track that features Will. Am and Justin Timberlake. My personal fave is No Words. If you love the Gap Band, you'll love this CD. That voice is totally unique. When you hear it, you immediately know you've been Charlied, ain't no other like it. As Little Richard would say, often imitated but never duplicated.

Lyric along at the top of your lungs helps, too. It's scientifically confirmed. Trust us, we get it. The heart wants what it wants, after that sometimes, it just wants to air. But all that chin-up talk be able to be saved for another day. Akin to heartbreak itself, breakup songs hit arrange the full spectrum of human emotions, from grief, fear, and loneliness en route for denial, anger, and — once things have gotten a little lighter — release. Even joy. There are, afterwards all, no shortage of happy break down songs out there.

Allegedly, it only took the writers a few hours to pen this absurdly touching single. Legendary singer Etta James conveys this message with her beefy and raspy voice that carries this timeless tune into uncharted territory. This delightful and semi-nostalgic single off her Ugh, Those Feelings Again album celebrates finding a soulmate and basking all the rage the peaceful energy that it brings. London-based funk-disco band Heatwave draws listeners in with deep baritone notes attached with unexpected yet brilliant falsetto moments throughout. The award-winning ballad was such a hit that it eventually became his signature song. Blige amazon.

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