Conformity and Obedience

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We often change our attitudes and behaviors to match the attitudes and behaviors of the people around us. One reason for this conformity is a concern about what other people think of us. This process was demonstrated in a classic study in which college students deliberately gave wrong answers to a simple visual judgment task rather than go against the group. Another reason we conform to the norm is because other people often have information we do not, and relying on norms can be a reasonable strategy when we are uncertain about how we are supposed to act. Unfortunately, we frequently misperceive how the typical person acts, which can contribute to problems such as the excessive binge drinking often seen in college students. Obeying orders from an authority figure can sometimes lead to disturbing behavior. This danger was illustrated in a famous study in which participants were instructed to administer painful electric shocks to another person in what they believed to be a learning experiment.

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Our actions and our words as followers of Jesus have the power en route for attract or repel people from Christianity. The number of people who by no means go to church or follow Jesus keeps growing. And their thinking keeps changing. Well, in addition to modeling humility, grace, truth, love and accordingly many other things that describe the earliest Christ-followers, we Christians can attend to our words. He makes a absorbed, insightful argument around that. Click En route for Tweet.

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Agreement , in human behavior, is a form of social influence in which a person yields to explicit instructions or orders from an authority amount. Depending on context, obedience can be seen as moral , immoral , or amoral. Humans have been shown to be obedient in the apparition of perceived legitimate authority figures, at the same time as shown by the Milgram experiment all the rage the s, which was carried absent by Stanley Milgram to find absent how the Nazis managed to acquire ordinary people to take part all the rage the mass murders of the Holocaust. The experiment showed that obedience en route for authority was the norm, not the exception. Regarding obedience, Milgram said so as to Obedience is as basic an amount in the structure of social animation as one can point to. A few system of authority is a condition of all communal living, and it is only the man dwelling all the rage isolation who is not forced en route for respond, through defiance or submission, en route for the commands of others. Although erstwhile fields have studied obedience, social psychology has been primarily responsible for the advancement of research on obedience. It has been studied experimentally in a number of different ways. In one classical analyse, Stanley Milgram as part of the Milgram experiment created a highly contentious yet often replicated study.