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Maxine Nwaneri is the Founder and CEO of The Future is Greater, a professional services firm that helps companies retain, develop, and advance top assort talent to drive business results. Her company has helped clients on five continents achieve extraordinary results through administrative coaching, consulting, workshops and other solutions based on proprietary processes developed as of over two decades of dedication en route for radical development and transformation. It was spectacular! I found the experience en route for be inspiring, energising, and actually absolutely therapeutic. Like so many others about the world, that was an absurdly difficult time for me on a personal level due to the bubonic plague, losing loved ones, and coping along with unprecedented challenges on so many levels. Having such a positive and uplifting event like the Digital Revolution Awards to work on, in collaboration along with so many amazing people around the world was truly wonderful! If I had to pick one, it would be the positive impact I anticipate it will have on everyone catch up. I hope that by being recognised, appreciated and celebrated, all nominees bidding be inspired and encouraged to accomplish even more ground-breaking and innovative act in the cloud ecosystem.

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