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When you get dressed every morning, unless you're a die-hard commando bro, you have to put on underwear —a clean pair hopefully. And despite what you might think or how you currently behave, those underwear should be as stylish as the clothes you layer on over them. But what constitutes a stylish pair of skivvies is debatable depending on who you ask. Well, since often times the only person to see you in said underwear is the woman you're taking them off in front of, we asked a variety of women to be exactwhat kind of men's underwear they find most attractive—boxers, briefs, boxer-briefs, or trunks. And then we dug a little deeper, into things like shape, pattern, and how revealing they should be. Their answers were enthusiastic, thorough, and at times hilarious—turns out these ladies this writer included want to see more butts and they cannot lie. Here for you to use as you see fit are the responses to the great GQ male underwear survey of The Best of the Boxers: Boxers are considered the classic, the not-too-crazy, not-too-showy option.

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All the rage the movies, couples have sex after that then immediately roll over and attempt to sleep. In the real earth, there's a post-coitus ritual that all dude must perform, but few address about: the washing of the dick. For as long as men allow been sticking their penis into things, they've been experimenting with different behaviour to clean up afterward—some more actual than others. This Reddit thread shows the range of actual ways guys clean their penis after sex. Of course, there's the most obvious one: Hopping into the shower and benevolent every nook and cranny a able ol' rinse. But not everyone wants to hop in the shower absolute after sex, leaving their partner all the rage bed alone, twiddling their thumbs.

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