30 Girls' Night Out Ideas That Aren't Just Go to This Random Bar

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For one, conquering goals and having new experiences with your BFF will create a lifetime of memories. And lastly, all the ideas in the below bucket list are just plain fun in general. I challenge you to do them all! How about getting together with some snacks, comfortable jammies, maybe mani-pedis and face masks, and spending chill time together binge watching a fun TV series?

We really listened. And while I face-to-face believe that Miley invented the advanced girls' night, there's evidence it's been around for a hot sec. Throwing on a going-out top and jeans and racking up a tab of vodka sodas is a long-treasured custom. But the same old bar nights can get a little tired. Accordingly it's time to change it up! Psssst, there are a ton of activities on this list that you can do virtually. Just get artistic and save the others for so as to sweet post-vax life. Reminder: CDC guidelines currently state that you can assemble in small groups indoors if all member of your party has been fully vaccinated, otherwise keep masking after that social distancing.

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A few vacation is a great vacation—whether it's a family beach tripa romantic weekend getawayor a solo adventure. But naught quite compares to a good girls' trip with your best friends. Figuring out where to go for a girls' trip, though, can be artful, especially if you have to administer different vacation styles, personalities, and schedules—which is exactly why we compiled a list of the best destinations designed for your next girls' getaway. Some of the spots are great for a 2- or 3-day weekend think: Nashville and Austinwhile others benefit from a slightly longer stay, such as Portugal or Puerto Rico.