AEE 1259: This Episode is a 10! How to Talk About Beauty in English

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Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. Be the first one to review. Here are some interesting conversation topics that will spark deep and memorable conversations between you and your best friends: Talk about challenges We all face challenges in our life; some more than others. Check out these sample questions: 1 What are some of the biggest challenges you have overcome? Talk about beauty Talking about beauty around you can be a great conversation starter. Beauty can be interpreted in many ways, and discussing it can bring about an interesting discussion. You can ask questions like: 1 What is beauty for you? Talk about friendship Conversation with friends about friendship can be interesting and fun, while also making your bond stronger. You can start a conversation with the following questions: 1 Do you think you are a good friend?

This is something that comes up a lot in conversations in Englishand so you want to have the right words to say. Besides beautiful or abundant, what else can you say? Attractive: This is broader and even a bit more more neutral sounding. It can apply to men or women, but it tends to be a more mature version. Good-looking: This is another one that is more disinterested sounding.

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