Gender equality

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Women and girls, everywhere, must have equal rights and opportunity, and be able to live free of violence and discrimination. In short, all the SDGs depend on the achievement of Goal 5. For example, discriminatory laws need to change and legislation adopted to proactively advance equality. Yet 49 countries still lack laws protecting women from domestic violence, while 39 bar equal inheritance rights for daughters and sons.

Ago to Health A to Z. Lady genital mutilation FGM is a course of action where the female genitals are by design cut, injured or changed, but there's no medical reason for this en route for be done. FGM is usually carried out on young girls between babyhood and the age of 15, a good number commonly before puberty starts. All women and girls have the right en route for control what happens to their bodies and the right to say denial to FGM. Help is available but you have had FGM or you're worried that you or someone you know is at risk.