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Less modest than the speech of prudes. It's a shame that this word gained became associated with imposing Bigots due to of traditional values because I believe the other alternative, Lady is better reserved as the female counterpart for Lord. Nobody calls a male without legitimate claim by means of heritage or authority a Lord, so it strikes me as sexist to call females ladies. It is disrespectful to men and perhaps even more importantly, the conflation diminishes the respectability of the title for the women who deserve it. Although it is odd for somebody to suggest that more patriarchal times would disparage men, it seems evident when comparing the words ladylike and lordlike. Soft; tender; delicate. Haughty; proud; insolent. I can not certainly know, as I have never knowingly met even one aristocratic Lady or aristocratic Lord and have certainly not during the time of an aristocracy, when it was most relevant. That is not to say we should not be respectable to women but perverting the definition of Prude 2 into what it is considered today 3 does not seem to be so especially reverent.

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