Quebec City's Black community wants accountability from police

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Much has been written about the Quebec Charter of Values but the focus has been on ridiculing how it could be applied. How big a cross is too big? When is a scarf on the head a hijab? Ridicule is good because there is nothing worse for a politician than to be ridiculed. However, I am concerned that these criticisms miss some key points. The Charter is not flawed because it is hard to apply; it is flawed because it legalizes discrimination against religious and cultural groups.

The Quebec City police force said Tuesday it has suspended five officers who were involved in violent altercations along with two young Black people outside a downtown nightclub on the weekend. Capture footage that's been shared widely arrange social media show officers punching after that kicking snow in the face of a young Black man while he was lying on the ground calm. Another video shows police dragging a young Black woman through the blizzard. At one point an officer appears to grab her by her beard. The young man who was behind bar by police has since identified himself as year-old Pacifique Niyokwizera. His barrister, Fernando Belton, told Radio-Canada that he feels his client was a butt of racial profiling. On Tuesday, Guilbault said that while some elected officials and community leaders have asked designed for an independent inquiry, she feels Dowd is best suited to get en route for the bottom of what happened.

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