Client says Arizona massage therapist's 'cuddling' session turned sexual

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Along with being an actress and massage therapist, I've been a professional cuddler for about two and a half years. Last May, I joined Cuddlist. Doing this work has been such a heart-opening experience for me. I'm amazed at how quickly and easily human beings can bond. Usually, the only cuddling you get as an adult comes after you enter into an intimate relationship. Most of us only experience cuddling outside of a relationship when we're children—that's if you have affectionate parents. Sure, you might bond with your hairdresser and your massage therapist, but the bond with your cuddler is just another level of raw, human interaction. By cuddling, we're admitting we're human and we have this basic, genetic need for touch. It's a characteristic of our DNA—we live in groups; we need each other.

We spoke with Arlington-based professional cuddler Azure Dawn to learn more about the therapeutic method and its health benefits. By Holly Gambrell May 18, The benefits of physical touch add in lowered heart rates and blood anxiety, feelings of love and acceptance, abridged symptoms of depression and more. Affect therapy can come in many forms think: that massage at your favorite spa or holding hands with your partner and is a surefire approach to feel better. One growing trend? Cuddle therapy. Here, we spoke along with Arlington-based professional cuddler Indigo Dawn en route for find out more.

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She wound up with the cuddler's nipple in her mouth for five minutes. She called a national group so as to certifies cuddlers. It promptly decertified the cuddler, Susanne Woodward, for breaking its code of conduct. Finally, she filed a complaint with the state embark that regulates massage because the cuddler is also a massage therapist. It's illegal for massage therapists to absorb in sexual activity with clients. Although Woodward's attorney, Flynn Carey, argued ahead of the Arizona State Board of Knead Therapy that cuddling is beyond the board's regulatory authority because the female was a cuddle client, not a massage client. Carey told the embark that if they took jurisdiction of the matter, you are actually available to be now the massage analysis board and the cuddle therapy embark. The board found no violation of massage practice but ordered Woodward en route for separate her cuddling business from her massage business, including maintaining separate websites to avoid confusion.