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We pore over the details. A time before the royal-approved dresses, official visits across the world, little baby Archie and, of course, Megxit. But before all the drama, the couple started just like many people: with a first date, drinks and dinner. How did Harry and Meghan meet in the first place? The details of their early relationship timeline have been much pored over, and were laid bare in new book Finding Freedom. They were introduced by a mutual friend in July of - the book does not reveal the identity - and, according to new extracts in The Times, met for a date at Soho restaurant The Dean Street Townhouse. Harry had a beer, and Meghan enjoyed a martini.

Madame Tussauds removed Harry and Meghan as of its royal set, leaving an bare space Amid ongoing spats with the media, increasingly through lawyers, it would soon become clear that both Meghan and her husband were becoming all the time more disenchanted with the expectations that came with their royal role. The broadcast in June that they were betrayal away from the Royal Foundation aid - which had seen them act closely with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - led to frantic speculation about Prince Harry and Meghan's relationship with Prince William and Catherine. It was later announced that Prince Harry had paid back the asking price. At the end of , the couple took an extended Christmas be in breach of from royal duties, taking Archie en route for the Canadian province of British Columbia. Image source, PA Media Image description, The couple and their son Archie spent time in Canada over Christmas It gave them time to chew over over their next move and, contained by days of the start of a new decade, they dropped the blow announcement that they planned to action back as senior royals and be converted into financially independent. Amid the further allocate that the couple planned to break their time between the UK after that North America, Buckingham Palace expressed its disappointment as palace sources revealed so as to that no other royal - as well as the Queen or Prince William - was consulted before the statement was issued.

Court and marry a rich young female, or Get a job! Naveen is quite the freeloader and has depleted all his life being waited arrange, never learning to do a affair for himself, including activities as central as simple cooking. His parents were in all likelihood, too busy administration the kingdom to have time along with their son, as Naveen stated all through his meeting with Tiana that his mother had servants read him stories before bed every night, implying she was never available to do accordingly. But despite this, they were by least aware of his behavior at the same time as, by the time of adulthood, the King and Queen of Maldonia after all had enough of the prince's idle antics and excessive partying, and disinherited him from the royal family. Constant if his parents would not adjust their minds, Naveen now had en route for find some way to become autonomous in order to survive. Lawrence, but, suggested a way he would not have to worry about maturity, which was to find a young female with money, and marry her. Deteriorate that, Naveen would ultimately have en route for accept becoming self-sufficient, as Lawrence deposit it

The seventh episode of The Crown flavour 3, Moondust, sees Prince Philip in front of an existential-slash-mid-life crisis sparked by the Apollo 11 moon landing. The climax of his misery comes upon appointment Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, the American astronauts who had a moment ago made history by landing on the moon. At Buckingham Palace, an agitated Prince Philip finally gets to assemble his heroes—and finds them lacking, which is devastating to him. So: was Philip obsessed with the moon landing? And did he actually get en route for meet the astronauts? In short: Certainly, Philip did get to meet the three astronauts who hand landed arrange the moon, as did his companion, Queen Elizabeth, and the rest of the royal family, but there's denial real evidence he was as fanatical with the historic event as The Crown suggests. The visit seemed en route for have gone smoothly, except one a little awkward moment when a cold-ridden Neil Armstrong accidentally coughed in the Queen's face.