Camraderie Not Candle Light Dinners is the Key to an Exciting Married Life

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Camraderie, Not, Candle Light Dinners, is the Key to an Exciting Married Life by Rashmie Jaaju on August 4, Friends, if you're wondering in your remotest of thoughts, since when did she become a relationship counselor, please banish that idea about me. Come on, how can I be one, when I am all the time trying to figure it out myself! Nothing baffles me so much as the nuances of relationships and the human mind that comes into play. Expectations, guilt, possessiveness, detachment, selflessness, selfishness — the hues of relationships are anything but dull. So, no — I am no relationship expert and neither will I ever try to be one. What I can talk about with all my verve and vigour — is passion, dreams, goals. And hey, I am NOT talking about the romantic passion that spreads like wild fire and consumes the mind and heart of the ones involved. I am referring to the passion for something that you truly, intently love to do. It could be your passion for music, for art, for books, for photography, for health, for dance, for learning, for cooking, for technology.

But, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. A few months back, I wrote a story about altogether the unscented candles to light although entertaining. While I love a bougie scented candle as much as a few twenty-something woman who is not but tethered to the cost of children or a mortgage, I had accepted wisdom suggesting you burn one during a dinner party was just too blustery. Their aroma might interfere or associate unappealingly with the scent of anything food you're cooking. Nuh uh.

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