Looking forward along the journey

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Looking forward along the journey If a person looks back too much, they can get bogged down in what happened in the past, both bad and good, and not be fully present with who they are right now. Although many larger churches have been streaming their worship services for some time, a majority of churches had to scramble to get their services online. And many churches were surprised at how well their online services were attended … initially. Based on the numbers coming from Barna Research, that initial interest in online participation has dropped off, in some cases considerably. Could it be that people are getting less spiritual because of the pandemic?

My name is Austin Mangle. I am a senior majoring in Business Admin and Music Performance, and have lived in Tacoma my entire life. I love spending time experiencing the al fresco and observing wildlife of all kinds especially birds! At the beginning of the pandemic I started taking anxiety of two parakeets, who have equally taken on distinct personalities and are an endless source of fun. But you want to come in after that talk about music artists and songs you love, or just want en route for chat about life and perspective, choose come say hi! In addition en route for my position as a writing advisor you can catch me lifeguarding by the pool and studying in Better Marshall hall. I hope to accompany you at the CWL and air forward to working with you. I love writing and creating things along with my friends, watching all kinds of film and TV, taking mediocre photos with my Canon Rebel, and waving at any and every dog adjacent. Feel free to stop by after that tell me all about your favorite book, poem, movie, plant, or arid good.

Choose make sure you bring links en route for your music online and please be ready to share links to your music with your mics and cameras on! NOT music files. If I am able and have time en route for play them you can drop the links in the chat. Please acid test your links first and make absolutely they work. All attendee sessions bidding be recorded all weekend for collateral purposes.