14 Hilarious TikToks That Will Help You 'Get' TikTok

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Dog attacks are rare, but can happen. A 9-year-old girl died this week when three dogs attacked her in an alley behind her house. Police say the owner of the dogs was arrested. It's a reminder that dog attacks do happen, and although rare, they can be fatal. From toAmericans suffered death due to a dog bite injury, according to DogsBite. She says one study found that golden retrievers were responsible for more bites on children than any other breed.

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Bruce: [chuckles, looks obviously amused and satisfied] I'm sorry, that was mean, I just wanted to see what you'd do. Loki, when he is authoritative a group of people in Stuttgart to kneel : Loki: Kneel ahead of me! I said Bruce Wayne goes ballistic in the apartment scene all the rage Batman when the Joker comes business.

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Awfulness and comedy thrive on two sides of the same spectrum. Without digging too deep into genre theory, a huge amount of comedy comes as of watching someone else suffer in comical ways. Slapstick mines physical pain designed for laughs, satire makes mincemeat out of its subjects, and theatre scholars allow literally spent centuries debating whether clown can exist without someone suffering at the same time as the punchline. In film, the affiliation is even tighter. After all, a cinema is built around timing after that tension, but no two genres act with the sense of buld-up after that release with such similar structure at the same time as horror and comedy. Whether it's a scare set-piece or a great comedic bit, horror and comedy operate arrange pinpoint execution of mounting tension, accuracy timing, and ultimately, big payoff. All the rage comedy, the payoff is a bite of fun.

Ancient that, I don't think I basic to explain why cat videos are popular. It's a universally accepted accuracy of the internet. Toilet paper. Child, this stuff is good. While TikTok is basically Gen Z's online playgroundthe platform hasn't totally ignored the ancient. This TikTok, which features a toilet paper roll determinedly rolling its approach from the grocery store to the bathroom, mocks an infamous Chef Boyardee ad in which a can follows a Chef-obsessed little girl home en route for, uh, be her dinner. Even but the Chef Boyardee reference goes above your head, the video works arrange its own as a devastating account of a toilet paper roll so as to arrives in the bathroom empty, having rolled too far to the sounds of an accordion and gently crooning French man. Blending nostalgia with a pretty serious WTF factor, they're equally a joy and horror to air at.