Taking Care of Your Body: Answers for Girls With Autism

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Last Updated on July 4, Every woman, after striking puberty, should take feminine hygiene seriously. You may be taking care of your overall health but paying close attention to your vagina is equally important. Are your Undies Squeaky Clean? You must wash your underwear regularly with mild detergent. Before use, do check whether the detergent has been rinsed off your panties thoroughly and are completely dry.

Culture how to take care of your body is part of growing ahead. As you get older, your amount will change as you go as of being a girl to a female. This is called puberty. During youth, you will get: oily skin after that hair hair that grows under your arms, on your legs, and about your vagina between your legs be afraid that smells stinky, especially under your arms breasts your period , additionally called menstruation. This is when blood comes out of your vagina, although you are not sick or ache. These changes will happen slowly. You will have to learn new routines to keep yourself clean and beneficial. To stay smelling fresh and cleanse, you should: Put on clean underwear and clothes every day. Wash your hands and face every day along with soap and water.

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