Why Do Women Send Nudes? Why Do Men? It's Complicated A New Study Finds.

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I'm not sure I could stay with a man who thought he had the right to send pictures of women to other men without their consent. That is a big flippin red flag to me. Join now to personalize. They suggest d I re-post here for more feed back I picked up my husbands phone to look for some recent photos he had taken. Husband had not told me about the ticket so I scrolled up to find out more and found a series of texts of pictures of 2 different women in lingerie.

As a rule, double-tapping a photo feels fairly at a low level stakes, but if this story is any indication, it can say absolutely a lot. Read on and assess in if you feel stirred as a result of this debate, too. I have. Compound times, with one particular guy. All time, my life would descend addicted to chaos. We were a few months into our relationship the first age it happened; he was working athwart the country at the time. Afterwards seeing his likes on booty pic after booty pic, I started wondering what in the world was available on 2, miles away. And, add pressingly, was there something wrong along with my butt?

At this juncture, 50 women speak candidly about their first sexting experience, how nudes accomplish them feel, and the unspoken rules. Nudes are not an invention of the digital era — any ability museum is proof of that. Neither is dirty talk — just announce James Joyce's wildly, er, imaginative letters to his crush. But the Internet sure has encouraged us to abide the art of sexting to places our parents could have never imagined. AIM introduced the concept of cyber-flirting. Chatroulette gamified it. Snapchat pulled bad a vanishing act.

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Hah, I never thought of the stuffs you said in the first two paragraphs, at least not in this question. Only the third paragraph applies to this question. But great stuff! Guys in general do that. It doesn't make them stupid, but there's no sense in trying to act unique snowflake online when half of the male population responds to awareness seeking girls. Not really But it's nice to know you're playing the unique snowflake role. It means all to girls. Even the ones who say they don't like attention affect I'm one of them.

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