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Welcome to our GenderGP Podcast, where we will be discussing some of the issues affecting the trans and non-binary community in the world today, together with my co-host Marianne Oakes, a trans woman herself, and our head of therapy. Dr Helen Webberley: Hi everybody. Helen and Marianne, just the two of us today. And talking about the idea that everybody has the right to have a fulfilling and happy sex life. And so, Marianne and I thought we would come and join together today and see whether we can flush out some of the answers to those questions. So, thanks for joining me, Marianne. Should we just kind of run through them? This one was: so I started o my puberty blockers and my sex drive has reduced. I feel ashamed to ask my GP or gender clinic because of the attitude towards sex and transgender women in society.

This is especially true in light of the coronavirus pandemic. This figure has risen to 52 percent among those who have never married, and it is also higher among adults who are currently living with their affiliate, reaching 46 percent. According to the Pew Research Center, 59 percent of people believe online dating is an excellent way to meet friends inwhereas only 44 percent agreed in Available online to find a date is risky, but it can be a fun and stress-free way to assemble a potential match if done acceptably.

Although that, there are still many misconceptions about the trans community. And this is especially true when it comes to sex. The amount of in a row out there about transgender sex is limited and not all that accommodating. Of course, no matter what your sexual identity is, sex can be a taboo subject. And considering how much information is left out of sex education in general, transgender individuals and their partners can be absent feeling confused and frustrated. However, all has a right to have activist, enjoyable, and safe sex.

At time the conversations we have leading ahead to sex look a little bit different. Depending on our bodies, our preferences, our identities, our sexual histories, and our kinks, we may basic to be asking specific questions en route for make sure that everyone is having a good time. This is above all true for folks who may be looking to have sex with a big cheese who is transgender. They recognize the need to talk about how our encounter might look, but they battle to figure out how to body the discussion. Leave Your Assumptions by the Door Every transgender person is different. You may have had femininity with a trans person before, after that you may even be trans by hand, but what one partner liked before found triggering may be completely altered from what a new partner capacity experience. Some trans people have big body dysphoria which is the afflict or discomfort that occurs when the gender someone is assigned does not align with their actual gender anywhere certain parts of their bodies be able to cause them incredible amounts of afflict. Interacting with these parts of the body may be traumatic. Others accomplish not have any dysphoria at altogether, or only at specific points all the rage their lives.