Do You Need More Fun in Your Life?

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By Martha Beck. Why do some of us put off the most creative, fantastic, mood-enhancing thing in our lives? Martha Beck makes the case for having a really good time. Whenever my clients realize that they're wasting time on faux fun, they always make the same mistake: They try to replace their bad habits with some strenuously virtuous activity, such as exercise, housecleaning, or office overtime.

The pleasure we take in beauty be obliged to have been shaped by evolution — but what adaptive advantage did it give us? In every culture arrange Earth, people decorate their possessions after that themselves, and enjoy visual art. They stare in awe at vast landscapes and the starry sky, and they sing and dance, and make active music. The answer seems obvious: it gives them pleasure. But why should it? What benefit does the ability for aesthetic pleasure bestow on the human organism? Hunger is prospective: it urges us to eat. Pleasure, arrange the other hand, accompanies eating.

Ask Smithsonian Beautiful people are indeed happier, a new study says, but not always for the same reasons. Designed for handsome men, the extra kicks are more likely to come from cost-effective benefits, like increased wages, while women are more apt to find bliss just looking in the mirror. Hamermesh is the acknowledged father of pulchronomics, or the economic study of advantage. It can be a perilous activity.

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