LGBT parenting in Canada

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Karel was writing a play about artificial workers but he was struggling for a name. Both works are celebrating a joint centenary, albeit a slippery one. And although Zamyatin submitted the manuscript of his novel, Weinit was mostly written earlier and published later. Nonetheless, has become their shared birth date and thus the year that gave us both the robot and the mechanised dystopia — two concepts of which, it seems, we will never tire. Rossum's robots are more akin to the replicants in Bladerunner than to C-3PO or WALL-E: bioengineered artificial humans, almost indistinguishable from the real thing, who do most of the world's labour so that their masters can enjoy a post-work utopia.

Amid andmore than Mennonite women were drugged and raped by men in the community. In new novel Women Chat, the ex-Mennonite tells their story. She was living in Toronto, inwhen a trial revealed the horrific extent of these crimes: between andmore than women had been repeatedly anaesthetised with a sedative spray meant for animals after that raped in their homes at the ultraconservative Bolivian Manitoba Colony. The women would wake bloodied and aching, although when they spoke up, they were told that perhaps the devil had attacked. I could easily have been one of them. But the timing of the release is coincidence, not prescience, because the novel was a long time coming.