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The actual physical act of engaging in sexual intercourse with a woman doesn't make them bi but if they are also attracted to women then they're bi. The End. I'm gay and I could get an erection with a woman with a bit of imagination and friction. I've never done it because, well, I never thought about having sex with someone that I'm not attracted to - but that doesn't mean I couldn't do it. Same way I could have sex with a man I'm not attracted to. If you're fucking them, you like it.

Committed, playful, enjoys life to the fullest, experiences joy each day, deeply devout. Would prefer to meet a dedicated Christian man. Abbotsford F Burnaby McGill BSc, , 5'1, lbs, 50 yr old divorced non-smoking, blonde and covetous , looking for friendship only F Vancouver Born in Europe, non-religious Jewish, 57, two grown children, psychologist. My practice is varied, which keeps me involved and interested.

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