The Teenage Brain: How Do We Measure Maturity?

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All the rage Lists We tend to think of emotionally mature and immature as concepts that apply to children: Little Lisa is just so polite and civil and always waits patiently after asking for something. Nor do you magically become emotionally mature when you acquire your first job, get married, allow a kid, or retire. Unlike animal maturity, which happens more or a lesser amount of automatically, emotional maturity is largely academic, practiced, and reinforced. And many of us were not taught the skills and habits that foster emotional adulthood. Or perhaps we learned the abc , but not much more. All the rage my work as a psychologist, I spend all day talking to adults of drastically different levels of affecting maturity. I have clients who are brilliant doctors, prestigious lawyers, and booming entrepreneurs but they struggle mightily en route for simply describe how they feel expressively. As a society, we train our kids to be critical thinkers after that hard-working athletes, but too often we ignore or discourage anything involving feelings or emotions.

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