23 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life That Are 100% Effective

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Marriage and partnership take a lot of work, whether you are a man, woman, gay, or straight. But one thing I know for sure is that after the passion fades, which it does to some degree, sex should still be a top priority and has been for us. Maybe you can still be happily married and not be having sex. But for us, when we are physically connected, it carries over into all the other aspects of our relationship, and everyone in our family benefits from that healthy bond.

Why Sex is Important According to studiessex contributes to better moods, less decline, healthier hearts, and even lower risks for some cancers. However, in our opinion, that is all just a bonus! The real value of femininity comes from the connection and confidence it gives to couples. After altogether, you are sharing this intimate bite of yourself that no one also gets to experience with you apart from for your partner. That can be exceptionally bonding.