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Im 26, having a hard time sleeping during at night, but my body need to have hours of sleep during the day to get my energy back. Brandy Reply Wow! I thought it was only me. As a teen it was border line narcolepsy I slept on the bus, at home and in class. As an adult still the same issue. I sleep hours a day, anything less and I am exhausted. My poor daughter is the same exact way. I had no idea this was a condition that I inadvertently given to my daughter. I have spent so many years trying to figure out what is wrong with me and why I am not a normal sleeper like everyone else.

Arrange July 05 ComaDose wrote: My girlfriend will be so glad to ascertain this is a real condition. Who else was home? Why was this 16yo girl staying with them after that why was she comfortable enough en route for go crawl into this mans bed? How does the wife feel a propos this unconscious adultery? Where is the rest of this story? Most crucially, why didn't she stop him? Altogether very good questions, indeed. Assuming he was indeed asleep

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Conceptual Objectives Speech is a complex act in humans, but the linguistic characteristics of sleep talking are unknown. Results Two hundred thirty-two subjects aged At the same time as many as 9. Verbal abuse lasted longer in REM sleep and was mostly directed toward insulting or condemning someone, whereas swearing predominated in non-REM sleep. Men sleep-talked more than women and used a higher proportion of profanities. Apparent turn-taking in the banter respected the usual language gaps. Conclusions Sleep talking parallels awake talking designed for syntax, semantics, and turn-taking in banter, suggesting that the sleeping brain be able to function at a high level. Dialect during sleep is mostly a accustomed, tensed conversation with inaudible others, evocative of conflicts. Here, the analysis of sleep-associated speeches collected in a big group of adult sleep talkers above all with nonrapid eye movement and brisk eye movement parasomnias indicated that half of the sleep language was not intelligible mostly mumbling and silent speakingsuggesting that the phonatory system is in part blocked during sleep.