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Main Body Chapter 6. Groups and Organizations Figure 6. Students, environmentalists, union members, and aboriginal people showed up to protest at the Occupy movement in Victoria, B. The music is loud, the crowd pumped up and excited. But neither the lyrics nor the people in the audience are quite what you might expect. Mixed in with the punks and young rebel students are members of local unions, from well-dressed teachers to more grizzled labour leaders. At an Occupy camp in New York, roughly three dozen members of the Facilitation Working Group, a part of the General Assembly, take a steady stream of visitors with requests at their unofficial headquarters.

All the rage everyday use, it can be a generic term, although it carries central clinical and scientific meanings. Moreover, the concept of a group is chief to much of how we assume about society and human interaction. A lot, we might mean different things as a result of using that word. We might about that a group of kids altogether saw the dog, and it could mean students in a lecture antechamber or four siblings playing on a front lawn. So how can we hone the meaning more precisely designed for sociological purposes? In short, the call refers to any collection of by least two people who interact along with some frequency and who share a sense that their identity is by hook or by crook aligned with the group.

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