These 21 Drinking Songs Will Have You Pouring Another Round for Everyone

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Carbonated spring water -- putting tap water to shame. Sparkling, carbonated, fizzy, with gas At least till you start burping it all back up. Caipirinha, Brazil Here's how to create the perfect caipirinha using cachaca, the Brazilian spirit. Brazil's national drink is a modern take on the Daiquiri and brings a refreshing base of lime together with a hint of Brazilian sugarcane rum.

How to stay tipsy without getting drunk Think ahead to avoid regrets. Although no one wants to spend the next year cringing at their anniversary memories—or lack thereof—so here are a few tips for keeping your blood alcohol concentration safely on the happy, hangover-free side of the buzzed-drunk divide. Eat something first—no, really! On an bare stomach, your drink will dump briskly into your small intestine, dodging ancient stomach enzymes designed to degrade it, in a beeline for your bloodstream. Food slows the flow, giving the booze more time to break along. Eating first may be even add important for women, who are accepted wisdom to have lower levels of alcohol dehydrogenase ADH , the enzyme so as to primarily breaks down alcohol, in their stomachs.

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