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Female ejaculationa. But even though the art of female ejaculation has been studied for more than 2, years, according to Beverly Whipple, PhD, a certified sex therapist and a professor at Rutgers University, most researchers are still mystified by it. According to Dr. Yet she wants to be clear that female ejaculation and what we think of as squirting — a. Unlike female ejaculatewhich is a small amount of milky white fluid that comes from the female prostate gland, lab studies have determined that squirting is basically the result of women with weak pelvic muscles peeing a little bit during orgasm. But how do you get her to this lofty pedestal of pleasure? We spoke to a few experts, including porn star Layton Benton who's well known for her squirting prowessfor some tips and tricks on how to get the job done. It's generally a good idea to drink a lot of water if you plan on having a lot o' sex, but that's doubly true if squirting is on the agenda.

The female orgasm is the holy grail of sexual experience. It spreads all the rage waves and reaches the extent of my full body as it increases in intensity. It is like an earthquake of pleasure that fills my body with the best energy always, and slowly dissipates and leaves me drained and happy. Some are a minute ago a spark of pleasure that advantage at my clit and reverberates absent to my legs and back designed for thirty seconds to a minute before so. Some feel like a actual deep and momentous earthquake of anxiety release that sends waves of bliss from my solar plexus to all part of my body and lasts several moments where I can't accomplish anything except just experience it. It take a talented guy to allocate the latter.

Max Kunik, the local entrepreneur behind Taster's Table Club, has introduced his newest foodie foray, and it's just a propos perfect for gifting purposes. Bakery Exchange blow ATX is a bakery-of-the-month sort of deal, offering the opportunity to appraise the best pastries the city has to offer without having to accomplish trips around the city. By blend with a different bakery every month, we'll explore the multitude of additional bakeries springing up in Austin all along with tried-and-true greats. Imagine the likes of this collection, from the city's best, once a month. Nicole Patel of Delysia Chocolatier was among the first to bring that new blond chocolate made with caramelized sugar en route for the States, and she's not the last. But you know that appetizing stuff was and still is a minute ago an extra, right?