Want To Sex Up Your Weekend? This Is What You Should Do

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The number of people having sex at least once a week dropped from 45 percent in to 36 percent inaccording to the General Social SurveyTime reports. Research published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior backs up the notion that people are having less sex these days—but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. So go ahead and feel great about doing it less than you think you should. The ideal time to have sex for both men and women is actually mid to late afternoon, think: 3 p. That makes weekends—when you likely have fewer midday obligations—the prime time to get it on. For women, this time period is when cortisol is still abundant and energy is therefore high. So, mid-afternoon sex is a great compromise for heterosexual couples, because men still have testosterone and cortisol circulating, but in lower concentrations. And to make sure you and your partner maximize your weekend romp sesh, there are are a few habits Vitti says you can incorporate into your routine. Experts agree that self care makes your sex life betterso during the week, focus on taking care of yourself by eating healthy, exercising, getting ample rest, and meditating.

It turns out that women do at the same time as well. An Ohio State University analyse revealed that guys think about femininity 19 times per day debunking so as to every-seven-seconds myth compared to 10 times per day for women. But, around definitely are some clues depending arrange the stage of your relationship. It means you care.

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