The Simple Truth About the Gender Pay Gap

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Women working full time in the U. The pay gap even follows women into retirement: As a result of lower lifetime earnings, they receive less in Social Security and pensions. Pay equity will remain an AAUW priority until the gap is fully eliminated. We hope this latest edition of The Simple Truth motivates and empowers you to join us in this cause. Download the full report.

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All the rage times of crisis, when resources are strained and institutional capacity is imperfect, women and girls face disproportionate impacts with far reaching consequences that are only further amplified in contexts of fragility, conflict, and emergencies. Responding en route for the pandemic is not just a propos rectifying long-standing inequalities, but also a propos building a resilient world in the interest of everyone with women by the centre of recovery. Explore these varied impacts below and take a quiz to test your knowledge. Designed for more information on this topic, appointment UN Women's dedicated web page featuring news, resources and more, and ascertain about our response. Learn more a propos UN Women's response to the bubonic plague ». Page last updated 17 Advance Economic and social stresses combined along with movement restrictions and cramped homes are driving a surge in gender-based aggression. Prior to the pandemic, it was estimated that one in three women will experience violence during their lifetimes, a human rights violation that additionally bears an economic cost of USD 1.