'Thirsty hungry injured:' Two women sentenced for abuse of girls in basement

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Join the conversation A box seized as evidence in an Edmonton child abuse case. Court heard two women would sometimes seal one of two girls in moving boxes to discipline her. The women — including their mother — jointly pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and forcible confinement in an Edmonton courtroom on Tuesday, Sept. We apologize, but this video has failed to load.

The year-old mother and year-old friend, who cannot be named because of a publication ban, entered guilty pleas all the rage September to aggravated assault and captivity. Queen's Bench Justice Gaylene Kendell alleged in her sentencing decision Thursday so as to had a babysitter not rescued the two girls, they may have suffered more injuries. She moved in along with her friend, who had three children of her own. An agreed account of facts read out by the judge said that for weeks, the sisters, who were ages six after that three at the time, were protected up in the basement with a single mattress and rug on the floor. At times, one girl was confined inside a cardboard box along with the lid tapped shut and a rug placed on top so she could not escape. The roommate's children were not disciplined in this approach, Kendell noted. The women had approved to keep their children separate as an older daughter was acting absent and allegedly touching the other children inappropriately. The women admitted that they both disciplined the two abused girls and were both present when they were hit with belts, court heard. In December , the babysitter apart a dresser in front of the basement door and found the sisters injured and begging for food.

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