Canada Remembers Women in the Canadian Military

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Among their allies, the Canadian Armed Forces CAF are highly regarded as being at the forefront of military gender integration. Women can enroll in any CAF occupation, which includes operational trades, and serve in any environment. In all trades, CAF men and women are selected for training, promotions, postings and all career opportunities in exactly the same way - based on rank, qualifications and merit. They have been fully integrated in all occupations and roles for over 20 years, with the exception of serving on submarines which was eventually lifted by the Royal Canadian Navy on March 8,

December This publication is available ahead request in alternate formats. PDF Account. This service continues today, with females now serving alongside their male counterparts in all Canadian Forces trades. Canadian women were not permitted to achieve in other military roles during the First World War. The Second Earth War would see Canadian women returning to serve again as nursing sisters. Second World War nursing sisters wore a military uniform with a accepted white veil. Canadian women would additionally serve in other military roles all through the war, however, and some 50, eventually enlisted in the air break down, army and navy.