Josephine Baker

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If your students don't see any point in learning Frenchmaybe J. Rowling and Johnny Depp can help. They are among the famous non-native French speakers around the world listed below. If your students know how many cool people speak French, they might realize how great it would be to learn this Romance language —just like some of their favorite movie and television stars, musicians, and novelists. Note that this is a list of people from non-French-speaking countries or regions only. From the Terminator and a famous television chef to some of the top American acteurs actors and actrices actressesthis group of French-speaking personalities is surprisingly large. A number of the world's top pop and country singers speak French, even the singer who made Rocket Man famous. A few non-native scribes, including the creator of the Harry Potter series and a Nobel Prize-winning poet, speak the language.

Arrange Tuesday, a coffin carrying soils as of the U. Her body will adjourn in Monaco, at the request of her family. French President Emmanuel Macron decided on her entry into the Pantheon, responding to a petition. All the rage addition to honoring an exceptional amount in French history, the move is meant to send a message adjacent to racism and celebrate U. Baker was born in , in St.

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French can be an exciting language. It's linked to a classy style after that high art, and it's little admiration it resonates with writers and performers. It links to France's beauty after that how the nation enjoys a absolute aura of art and intellectualism. Additionally, it's not too difficult a dialect to learn, so many will acquire into it in high school. All the rage acting, it's natural for a actor to get a few phrases all the rage French for a movie role, after that some are better than others by it. But it's surprising how a lot of celebrities are very fluent in French outside of any role. A a small amount of can master it well for interviews and stand out nicely with the talk. Others are less sure although still amazingly capable of the dialect. Here are ten celebrities you almost certainly didn't know were fluent in French.

His French, like his face, is attractive. Everyone knows that Dame Helen Mirren is a fucking goddess. Now you know that she is a deity who speaks French. Rowling actually old to teach French in Scotland. Even if she claims her French is at once a bit rusty, it's still siriusly good.