Why Do Women Go Out With Deadbeat Losers?

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It Depends. It depends on the guy. Some guys view sex as a special thing done between two people who have a connection or something, and if a woman has had casual sex many times with many men, it would suggest they are not sexually compatible. Anyway, plenty of guys do care. And personally, I did care until I had a sufficient number of sexual partners of my own. For some reason, a lot of women have a hard time wrapping their heads around the fact that men are sexually jealous to a greater degree than women. Every single survey gives the same result: when it comes to infidelity in relationships, the sexual component is what is most hurtful for a cheated male partner, and the emotional component is what is most hurtful for a cheated female partner. But is well known what men and women, respectively, are sensitive to. Not so for the average man.

They also expect you to be asleep with endless amounts of girls. Accordingly no doubt there were some gasps from guys at just reading the title of this post here. Yep, all that pussy boy stuff :. So for me big pain all the rage my life that drove me en route for get really good with girls came from being lonely and unloved. NOTE: Want to attract more women? So as to was what made me depressed.