Normal and Abnormal Sleep in the Elderly

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Aim out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Our knowledge about how sleep changes along with age has grown significantly over the past few decades. However, aging is also accompanied by a variety of sleep complaints and sleep disorders. This chapter will review both normal after that abnormal sleep in the elderly. Polysomnography PSG has provided objective evidence of the changes in sleep architecture so as to occur with aging. In general, be asleep becomes more fragmented and lighter along with an increase in the number of arousals and awakenings. There is a reduction in the amount of brake wave sleep stage 3 and 4beginning in middle-age, with some reports so as to these deeper stages of sleep are completely absent after the age of 90 Bliwise ; Ohayon et al. There is a compensatory increase all the rage the lighter stages of sleep act 1 and 2and there is a decrease in rapid-eye-movement REM sleep, which is proportional to the decrease all the rage total sleep time.