6 Butt Stretches That Will Seriously Loosen Up Your Tight Sore Tush

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But butt stretches can loosen up your tight tush, fast. The tight, sore feeling can simply be due to not moving enough, Cameron YuenP. Just like the muscle, these nerves need movement and blood flow. Short-term, spending too much time sitting on your butt can make you feel really stiff in the muscles in front of your hips, or your hip flexors.

After you get up every now after that then, maybe you notice your tush is a little sore. Or conceivably you've checked yourself out lately after that notice a little less perk than you used to have. Well, it's not just your imagination. When you sit for long periods of age, especially with poor posture which, Giordano notes, 90 percent of people are guilty ofyour hip flexors tighten ahead and cause reciprocal inhibition preventing commencement of the glutes. Over time, but it goes unchecked, this can advance to chronic pain. Not to allusion make those squats feel way harder than they used to. Years of sitting can potentially change the affect of your booty over time. Adam Gallo, personal trainer at Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridgesays some of his private clients come in specifically looking to annul the damage sitting all day does to their bodies—including in the back.