Five myths about women traveling solo

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Women travel for countless reasons, whether to discover new frontiers, pursue business opportunities, or simply to rest and relax — not unlike men. The truth is that women face greater obstacles, especially when travelling alone. The Government of Canada assists thousands of Canadian women in distress abroad each year. The problems they face are diverse. Petty and violent crime, culture shock, poor sanitation, the dangers and disappointments of international cyber-dating — the challenges are many.

A few woman embarking on a solo caper will get plenty of advice, a good deal of it unsolicited, about the perceived merits and the dangers of alone travel. For every woman who wants to emulate the heroine of Blustery , there are others who be able to think only of the difficulties of going it alone. So we asked the experts to weigh in arrange these five classic myths about alone travel. Alone, you are free en route for interact with as many people at the same time as you like, for as long at the same time as you like. Spontaneity can be a vital part of solo travel, at the same time as can a sense of freedom after that the ability to make choices so as to suit you, not a companion. These are the prime reasons solo travelers give when asked why they attempt it alone. Arrive somewhere and agreed love it?

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