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I can't share your enthusiasm for this film, nor the idea that Larry is undone by his rational approach to things. He's rarely shown actually working at his job, nor is he constantly saying braying at everyone to just be normal. He is one of the most passive individuals I can think of. His turn to religion for answers is doing what others tell him to do, not motivated out of a deep respect for the rabbis and their wisdom. He really doesn't know what else to do because he lives an unconscious life on the invisible tracks laid down for all the middle-of-the-roaders in the world. The Coens do have it in for Judaism, which in itself is not necessarily a problem, but that ends up coming off incredibly mean-spirited. I refuse to find depth in such a massacre.

The Coen brothers lit a rocket below his career when they cast him in A Serious Man. As Michael Stuhlbarg prepares to play a central processing unit nerd in Steve Jobs, the artist talks about finding his Hollywood aquatic legs. L arry Gopnik is assembly us coffee on his hotel-room Nespresso machine — albeit in the a lesser amount of fictional form of actor Michael Stuhlbarg. No sugar?

The pair would follow it up along with some lighter fare, Burn After Analysis. The result: an astounding film a propos a Jewish man whose life falls apart in front of his accept eyes. Anyway, Larry Gopnik Michael Stuhlbarg is a physics professor seeking occupancy. His tenure is put at attempt because a student is blackmailing him for a higher grade. This absolutely is not the life that Larry could have ever imagined. Opening the film in a 19th century Brilliance shtetl is genius. To top it off, the dialogue is nothing although Yiddish. Minnesota could probably be at the same time as good of a guess as a few.

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