Dutch employment law: Negotiating and ending an employment contract

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If you work for a Dutch employer, or your contract is otherwise subject to Dutch employment law, there are a number of matters to think about when negotiating a contract. If a cao applies to the employer, an employee does not need to be a union member to have it apply to him or her as well, as long as an explicit article is incorporated in the employment contract making the cao applicable. Within the limits of the law, parties are free to decide what will be covered by the contract. Temporary contracts and indefinite contracts Temporary contracts have a clear start and end date. The contract ends by operation of law at the given date, without notice or an official dismissal procedure needed. Temporary contracts cannot be terminated without consequences - usually payment of salary until the end of the contract - unless they contain a specific clause allowing for an early ending, in which case both parties need to observe the statutory notice period. If it is the employer who wishes to end the employment prematurely, they will have to obtain permission either from the UWV or the court, see below. Indefinite contracts are always subject to official dismissal approval.

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