Libido-boosting foods

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This old refrain makes us think of tired wives across the country turning down their desperate husbands for the hundredth time. However, the reality is that women aren't the only ones who suffer from low libido and lack of sexual interest. Men also suffer from low desire. And when they do, it can be incredibly complicated and challenging for couples to face. Many women feel ashamed and angry that their spouses are turning down their sexual advances. After all, men are supposed to want sex all the time. MORE: Is she faking it?

Auburn rice is packed full of B vitamins which are vital for the production of energy — without which there is no libido worth chat about. It is also a able source of magnesium essential for force contraction, which is also vital designed for sexual sensitivity, arousal, ejaculation and orgasm. Have in place of ordinary rice. In ancient Persia, couples drank darling mead every day for a month after they married to get them in the mood for love accepted as the honey month or celebratory. A study conducted at the Academe of Padua in Italy showed so as to a diet low in selenium could be a key cause of manly infertility. Selenium acts to help avert oxidation damage of the sperm booth, thus helps to increase the ability of having healthy sperm.