The Great Dawson’s Creek Rewatch: Season 3 Episodes 10-12

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Will require some mind-numbing. Drinking game rules can be found here. Why do I hardly ever rewatch it? Joey goes on her first college visit and is torn down by literary snobs, Dawson enters his terrible Blair Witch wannabe in a film festival and gets savaged, Andie fails to get an interview with the dean of the college she wants to go to, and Jack makes his first foray into the gay scene. Dawson, of course, takes a shit and sunshine comes out. We start off the episode with all of the normal undeserved compliments of his cinematic genius, and then those compliments are immediately put into perspective when he arrives at the film festival, which is packed with kids who have wanted to be filmmakers their whole lives and presumably are fans of far artsier directors than Spielberg. Ha, karma. This episode could hardly be characterized as race-conscious more on that laterbut it is immensely satisfying to see a white guy realize that maybe—just maybe—a black girl could have just as much to say as he does probably more. Joey calls out A.

Bidding require some mind-numbing. Drinking game rules can be found here. Plus… the return of Drunk Joey!! We ajar on Joey and Pacey being attractive together, as per usual, but along with a caveat.

All repetition stars a different character: At the same time as Pacey christens True Love, he promises Joey that he will tell Dawson the truth about their burgeoning affiliation. He encounters Andie and Will by the library, where Will asks assistance on asking Andie out on a date. As Pacey goes up the steps to Dawson's house, Joey intercepts him to stop him, and the two get into an argument await Dawson hears them and emerges along with questions. As Joey hesitates over can you repeat that? to tell Dawson, she admits the entire affair to Jen. She thinks twice when Andie admits Will has asked her out, but Andie cannot agree due to her rekindled feelings for Pacey.

Joey: Do you need me to abide you to the health center? Audrey: What? No, why? Joey: You're maintenance. Audrey: Oh, right, right. I acquire it.

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