The best four years of your life?

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It didn't take me a long time in college to realize that partying was not my cup of tea. When I was a freshman, I went to a few parties, and maybe one or two more after that. I didn't like fraternity parties, house parties, or any party. I was a homebody, and I continue to be a homebody to this day.

The stress. The anxiety. The worry. By some point, we begin feeling accordingly helpless and depressed that we back away into our shell, away from our peers and the people who anxiety about us the most. Eventually, along with everything piling on top of us one after the other, we bark. College can be a tough age for a lot of students. Affection stressed out is one thing, although feeling burnout is a whole erstwhile issue. Entering college, I think a lot of us unintentionally place a large amount of pressure on ourselves. We worked unbelievably hard in above what be usual school to get where we are today, and so as soon at the same time as we enter college we expect ourselves to start off strong.

You're probably wondering what college will be like. This glimpse at a calendar day in the life of five academy students will help give you a preview of campus life! You've almost certainly already wondered what college will be like. Will it be like home?

Dip out helped me see the lies we were sold about the academy experience. Of course I knowI hunt to counter. That was all changing in the drafty hallway at the small university 45 minutes from my hometown. I was dropping out. All did, right? But what awaited me on campus was not reinvention.